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Reiki Healing Instruction
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Sunni Yuma, manager of Oriental Healling Massage clinic, was born in the southwest of China and grew up in a family of Buyi minority and has been associated with herbs and Chinese medicine since her childhood. She worked for about 10 years as a folk doctor and body practitioner in her family clinic. Simultaneously, she studied and graduated from Panjiang Medical College of China. She has researched Taoist Medicine and practiced Chinese Gongfu and Qigong in her spare time. During the impetuous practicing, she remained free of any joint sprains or other wounds associated with physical exertion. She attributes this to successfully treating herself with Tuina and acupressure techniques. She has also treated some people without requital, due to their economic condition. In 2008 on the basic of mastering Physiology, Anatomy, Kinesiology, Pathology and etc. she graduated from American Acupuncture and Massage Institute in California and consummately passed the National Exam. This was an important achievement for her as it allowed her to practice more professionally what she had studied and practiced since childhood. Relieving the physical and emotional pain of others is very satisfying and rewarding for her.


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foot_soakerIt is said that FOOT is the second heart of human body. It collects the acu-points for all body systems, namely, whether you are healthy or not, it reflects the conditions on your feet, and you can relieve or cure dieases by soaking and massaging your feet. I think we must take good actions to protect our feet.