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What should you do if you are traveling to another state for an extended period and you wish to practice massage while you are there?


A.    Contact the proper professional agencies dealing with licensing


B.    You have a license to practice in the city you are visiting from, so you just don't worry about it


C.    You will only be there a short time so you assume that you do not need permission


D.    It does not matter if you notify anyone you will only be there a short amount of time



Which of these is a reason for a suspension of your license?


A.    Being addicted to alcohol


B.    Practicing under an assumed name


C.    Having deceptive advertisements


D.    All of the above



What would be an example of professional ethics for a massage therapist?


A.    Keeping nails short


B.    Wearing appropriate clothing for your profession


C.    Being honest and confidential with client information


D.    Getting a complete physical examination prior to practicing



You are required as an independent contractor to:


A.    File a schedule K


B.    File quarterly estimated taxes


C.    File taxes at the end of the year


D.    You don't have to worry about filing as an independent contractor



What defines the rights of an occupation and the acceptable activities allowed within the profession?


A.    The AMTA


B.    The NCTMB


C.    Individual State laws


D.    The scope of practice



The first rule of massage:


A.    The client is always right


B.    Do no harm


C.    Obtain fees before massage begins


D.    Never perform a free massage



In case a client sues, what type of insurance do MT's buy to cover their work?


A.    Liability


B.    Homeowner


C.    Business


D.    Malpractice



What schedule form do you file if you have a business partner?


A.    1040 SL


B.    1040 EZ


C.    D


D.    K



When draping in a massage you always cover the:


A.    Pelvic area


B.    Chest


C.    Stomach


D.    Feet



A client's medical record or health intake and soap forms can only be released:


A.    When the client's insurance company requests a copy


B.    When the attorney calls to get it faxed


C.    When the client signs a release form


D.    When there is a verbal release given on the phone



Which is an example of practicing good business ethics?


A.    Showering every day


B.    Keeping nails and hands clean


C.    Being honest and confidential


D.    Wearing appropriate clothing



_______ contains educational and ethical standards for your profession.


A.    The laws


B.    The scope of practice


C.    A business plan


D.    The AMTA



It is important for truth in advertising in all the following except:


A.    Quarterly taxes


B.    Referrals


C.    Repeat business


D.    Professional integrity



The ___________________ ethical code would be violated if you left a chart open on the counter.


A.    Professional practice


B.    Confidentiality


C.    Conduct


D.    Behavior



A new client comes to you requesting a full hour massage on his back, what should you do?


A.    Agree to their request, but massage other hypertonic sections as well


B.    Inform them that you will always massage the whole body and to find another therapist


C.    Honor their request


D.    Inform them of the benefits of a full body massage and talk him into one

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