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What muscle would you have your client contract if they get a cramp in their gastrocnemius?


A.    Quadriceps


B.    Gastrocnemius


C.    Tibialis anterior


D.    Tibialis posterior



If a client has chronic low back pain, which muscle would be stretch weakened and given as homework for strengthening?


A.    Quadratus Lumborum


B.    ESG's


C.    Rectus abdominis


D.    Trapezius



The effects of massage are physiological and psychological in nature, what is a physiological effect?


A.    Reflexive


B.    Autonomic


C.    Mechanical


D.    Neurological



Mechanical centripetal pressure of techniques such as Petrissage increases:


A.    Venous and lymph flow


B.    Relaxes the nervous system


C.    Stimulates the nervous system


D.    The affects of proprioreceptor



The pressure of massage techniques stimulates the release of these hormones to vasodilate the blood vessels:


A.    Melatonin


B.    Histamine


C.    Oxytocin


D.    Prolactin



The gradual application of tolerable, static pressure to painful tissue is termed as:


A.    Pressure point technique


B.    Muscle approximation


C.    Vibration


D.    Rhythmic mobilization



To orient the technique of cross-fiber friction at right angles to the fibers of the structures being treated, it is essential to:


A.    Work superficially


B.    Have a working knowledge of anatomy


C.    Contract the client's muscle


D.    None of the above



To be able to have proper access to the supraspinatus tendon, which positioning would work best?


A.    By internally rotating, extending, and adducting the humerus


B.    By externally rotating, extending, and abducting the humerus


C.    By internally rotating, flexing, and adducting the humerus


D.    By externally rotating, flexing, and abducting the humerus



Which muscle would you stretch to relieve a runner who is complaining of a hamstring spasm?


A.    TFL


B.    Quadriceps


C.    Hamstring


D.    Gluteus maximus



What position is most appropriate for you to massage a client that is in her third trimester?


A.    Side-lying


B.    Supine


C.    Prone


D.    Seated



What is the best hydro treatment for a client with fibermyalgia?


A.    Heliotherapy


B.    Vasoflush


C.    Ice


D.    Fomentation



A hypertonic muscle will _____ when applying acute pressure with deep strokes.


A.    Release


B.    Tense


C.    Spasm


D.    Roll



A(n) ____________ compression is a static compression applied by the therapist's thumbs, fingertips, or olecranon to a trigger point.


A.    Innervation


B.    Valvular


C.    Intrinsic conduction


D.    Ischemic



What type of ROM testing is used to pinpoint adhesions?


A.    Adson's


B.    Babinski's


C.    Active resisted


D.    Bragard's sign



Generally, any technique applied in a slow, rhythmical, and repetitive manner will evoke a relaxation response and:


A.    Increase sympathetic nervous system firing


B.    Decrease parasympathetic nervous system firing


C.    Increase both the sympathetic and parasympathetic firing


D.    Decrease sympathetic nervous system firing

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